We see things most people don’t.

What we do

Outshaped creates big 3D shapes out of foam for a variety of industries. The applications are endless! Our manufacturing projects typically consist of: 

  • Prototypes
  • Play Area Features
  • Concrete forms
  • Fiberglass
  • Patterns, forms, & molds
  • Hard coated and painted

Custom Molds

From one-off projects and custom requests to long-lasting fiberglass molds. Custom molds provide you with any shape you need. Ditch the steel and customize the design.

Positive Plugs & Cores

Throw away the wood. Save time. Get precise. Plugs and cores that are made to your specifications with a significant time savings.

Your place for prototyping.

Why foam? Huge prototypes. Fast. A great solution to have your designs brought to life.


Add a service offering

If you are interested in offering this to your current clients, reach out to us to learn more.