Any shape. Any size.

What we do

Outshaped creates big 3D shapes out of foam for a variety of industries. The applications are endless! Our 3D Art projects typically consist of:

  • Outdoor displays and signs
  • Sculpture cores
  • Organic digital modeling from sketches or drawings
  • 3D digital scan
  • Maquettes and models
  • Enlargements / scaling

Concept to 3D

We get a lot of stuff in the mail. Clay models, 3D printed parts, and pencil sketches. We don’t need a full blown detailed model to get started. Draw it up. Send it over. We will take care of the rest.

Free Digital 3D Scanning

Once we scan your object and have a 3D digital model to work with, we can scale it, modify it, or make a negative mold.

Quick Approval

Send a 3D preview to your client for approval.

Easy Modification

Changing your object is easy with simple tools.

Made Fast

Our average project is delivered within 10 days.

Re-establish what it means to have a custom product.

We change our process, material, or machining in order to meet and exceed the expectations of your project. Whatever it takes to develop the product is what we do.

Unlimited Scalability

How big do you want it? We can build it.

Build your instagram moment.

Content worth engaging with. Make it part of a space, event, or just something worth taking a picture with.

Outshaped can build it.

Contact us to discuss your next project and get a free quote.